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The purpose of the grant

To enable accredited Tenants Groups to purchase computer equipment

Who can apply

Accredited Tenants Groups which have less than £1,000.00 funds

How an application is made

Complete the computer grant application form (below).

Maximum Grant available

£550 for computer equipment, paid once in 3 years

terms and conditions

Computer equipment grant policy

For items costing more then £300 please give details of 3 quotations. You do not need to  buy the cheapest quote but please give a reason for not doing so.

All items of expenditure over £250 should be insured. Please send confirmation of this  with your application.

Please advise LTF where the item will be kept.

Copies of your TRA's/Accredited Tenants Groups last audited accounts and proof of your current cash balance must be sent with your application. (Copy of bank statement or pass book).

Grants cannot normally be applied for after expenditure has been incurred.

All applications will be acknowledged within 5 working days

Download grant application form